Fixd Reviews- Turn your vehicle into Smart Car: If you want your car to be smart car that will indicate you about any problem and issue occurred in your car, then here we have a solution that is FIXD. If you have your own car, then you know very well, how important your car is for you. The FIXD car monitor will help you tracking your car health and diagnose the problem and issues occurs in your car.

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About FIXD

FIXD is a car diagnose tool that will monitor your car health and will give you sign of any fault and problem occurrence. FIXD combines a sensor and a smartphone app where you need to plug the sensor with your vehicle’s OBD 2 port and synchronize it with your phone using FIXD app.

FIXD Features

  • Engine Light: The engine light is the main feature of FIXD. If there is any occurrence of problem and fault creation, then the engine light will lighten up. So, you will get the notification whenever the engine light will turn on.
  • Wireless Synchronization: The user can synchronize the data wirelessly with the help of FIXD sensor and application. The sensor relates to your mobile app wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Maintenance Timeline: The manufacturer will recommend you for maintenance timeline of your vehicle that tell you when you are due for your service.
  • Vehicle log: With this feature, the user can check the occurrence of problems detected in your car previously.
  • Multiple Vehicle Control: The user can control remotely the status and health of car with FIXD sensor.
  • No-Charging required: To charge the battery, the FIXD sensor uses the vehicle’s energy to keep the vehicle charge. No external charging is required.

Visit FIXD Website (Buy 1 Get 1 Free Today)

FIXD Car Monitor: Pros and Cons

Separate Maintenance TimelineCompatible only for Cars manufactured after 1996
Mileage DetectionCompatible with Gas, electric, and Hybrid cars
Vehicle Log
Continuous Monitoring
Alert you whenever detect any problem
Engine light indicator

FIXD Package Includes:

In a whole FIXD package, you will get various things including

  • Instruction Manual: From the manual, the user can check the instructions and by following the instructions he or she can install the FIXD car monitor.
  • App: FIXD App is compatible with both the platforms including Android and iOS. If you fulfilled all the requirements, then you can download the app and install it on your device.
  • FIXD Sensor: The user does not require any external charger for plug. All you must simply plug in the device with the port and run the device with the help of application.

Fixd Reviews

FIXD: After-sales service

  • 24*7 Customer Service: The user will get 24*7 customer support and if you find any problem and detect any issue then the user can contact its customer service. The customer service of FIXD will always there for you to solve your problems related to the wires, OBD-II system, and others.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Along with the device, the user will get 30-day money back guarantee along with 1-year warranty where you can exchange or replace the parts of FIXD.

Final Words

Lastly, as per this FIXD review, you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not. The main purpose behind choosing Fixd Car monitor is to solve car-related problems and issues. With Fixd sensor, the user can easily diagnose his or her car. Now with the help of FIXD, the user can turn his or her car into a smart car.